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iOS 7 – Rogue’s End?

September 9th, 2013

Well, not exactly… But Rogue Touch has had a pretty long and healthy life in the App Store. These days its aged appearance is not doing it any favors, and good grief man, my old code is horrible to look at!

iOS 7 and a new round of hardware (likely new iPhones and iPods) will be unveiled tomorrow at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino. Rogue Touch has run on every generation of hardware and every version of iOS since 2.0… But patching it up to support newer OS and hardware correctly is frustrating. Since I was a novice to iOS and Objective C back when I created RT, I did a lot of unspeakable things in the code that are facepalm-worthy today.

People who follow me on twitter may be aware, there’s a small gotcha coming when Apple releases the latest version of iOS. When you update to iOS7, the “Greetings, Rogue” popup no longer allows you to enter a name, so you are temporarily stuck with whatever name you last made a run with in iOS6 as your default, or with “Rodney” on a fresh install! I am in the process of fixing this, and attempting to maintain compatibility back to iOS4.3 (or roughly in that era).

This will near-definitely be the last update to Rogue Touch as you know it. However, the next generation of Rogue is well into production and will be unveiled on a very special date! Additionally, there is an incredible amount of neat stuff to talk about with Spirit Hunter Mineko, and my future development plans.

With any luck I will have the iOS7 compatibility fix done along with a couple other nice tweaks added in and submitted to Apple later this week, and still manage to beat the worldwide release of iOS7 if they hold back another week or two 😉

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  1. Hi, tried to register on the forums but have not received a confirmation email, so will post here instead. I’m a big fan of the game with hundreds of games played and dozens of games won. Have a few iOS7 bugs to report, all are cosmetic only:
    1. Small white lines appear on left between inventory items.
    2. When hitting “back to the dungeon” button from inventory, the button is highlighted strangely
    3. When fighting something offscreen via ranged weapon, the hit effect or other combat effect (i.e. slime) appears in space above character’s head. (Actually don’t mind this one since it’s easier to tell if you hit)
    Drop me an email if you like and I will reply with any other bugs found.

    Thanks again for a great game!


    Comment by Blues age on September 20, 2013 at 1:48 am

  2. Argh! The update killed my game in progress! I was nigh undefeatablle and was looking forward to eventually leaving the dungeon and making an impressive mark on the leader board.
    At any rate thank you for your work on the game… It has provided hours and hours of entertainment for me and my partner.

    Comment by Jett on September 28, 2013 at 7:00 pm

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