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May 27th, 2013

Been a long time since I’ve written here… I know everyone’s interested to know just what the heck is happening with Rogue Touch 2.0 and Spirit Hunter Mineko! Those projects are still very much alive, but not directly my topic today. My current activity with those projects actually allowed me to stumble across one more excellent indie Kickstarter project that I think deserves some attention here: TinyKeep

Recently I was searching for a few more dungeon generation techniques and some AI articles to get ideas for enhancing Mineko, and stumbled across Phi Dinh’s work in these areas… he has written articles and created a few videos on these topics while working on his vision for TinyKeep (really worth checking out if you’re technically minded!).

As it turns out, TinyKeep is a realtime dungeon crawler with some neat procedural dungeon generation, and lots of clever AI. Or at least it will be when it’s done! This is where roguelike and dungeon crawler fans need to come to the rescue… Phi has only a few days left for his TinyKeep Kickstarter and could really use some love and support from the community.

I’ve donated to his Kickstarter cause already, and hope that some of you can help by donating as well. Phi’s a great guy with some really smart ideas, I would love to see him succeed with TinyKeep.

(I promise that you’re going to see a lot more of me soon… Big plans and announcements are afoot!)

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  1. Do the plans include fixing the RT leaderboards and the forums?

    Got a good run going here.

    Comment by Dinsdale on June 26, 2013 at 5:56 pm

  2. Absolutely! The current database backend got yanked out from under me, when the provided upgraded to mySQL 5. I was able to retrieve all the old data thankfully, now I’m looking at the requirements to get it uploaded and into a v5 database.

    Once done (assuming all goes well) everything should work exactly as it did before, down to the smallest detail.

    Long term, the high score table / database will be replaced by Gamecenter as soon as RT 2.0 is revealed 🙂

    Very sorry for the inconvenience to long term players, I too was quite annoyed when this happened!

    Comment by admin on June 26, 2013 at 6:03 pm

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