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Type Melee Thrown/Shot
Fists (secret characters may be better/worse) 1d4 -
Mace 2d4 1d3
Long Sword 2d5 1d2
Short Bow 1d1 1d1
Arrow 1d1 2d3
Dagger 1d6 1d4
Two Handed Sword 4d4 1d2
Dart 1d1 1d3
Crossbow 1d1 1d1
Crossbow Bolt 1d2 2d5
Spear 2d3 1d6
Battle Axe (V1.3+) 5d2 5d2
War Hammer (V1.2+) 6d2 6d2
Katana (V1.1+) 4d3 1d2
Shurikens (V1.1+) 1d2 2d4


Type Armor Class Special
Leather AC 8 Rustproof
Studded Leather AC 7 -
Ring Mail AC 7 -
Scale Mail AC 6 -
Chain Mail AC 5 -
Splint Mail AC 4 -
Banded Mail AC 4 -
Plate Mail AC 3 -
Elfin Mail (V1.1+) AC 5 Rustproof
Shozoku (V1.1+) AC 8 Stealthy
Spartan Cuirass (V1.4+) AC 6 Extra strike


Type Effects
Confusion Wander around randomly (not in the direction you want to go!) for a while.
Paralysis Cannot move or take any action for a number of turns.
Poison Subtracts 1d3 from your strength rating, also cures hallucinations!
Gain Strength Adds 1 to your current and maximum strength rating.
See Invisible You will be able to see Phantoms for several hundred turns, also cures blindness!
Healing Regain hit points/health, in a random amount proportional to character rank. If you are fully healthy, adds +1 to maximum HP, also cures blindness!
Clairvoyance (V1.0+) Gives you the power to detect monsters and treasure anywhere on the current floor of the dungeon, their locations will show on your map. Wears off when you go down stairs.
Amnesia (V1.0+) Nasty potion, when you drink it you forget where you've been on the current floor and your map is erased! You also randomly forget the function of some items in your pack, including what an amnesia potion looks like!
Raise Level Upon drinking, you will advance to the next highest character rank automatically! Great way to boost a high level character's power quickly.
Extra Healing Regain hit points/health, in a random amount proportional to character rank. Works like regular healing potions, but twice as strong! If you are fully healthy, adds +1 to maximum HP, also cures blindness!
Haste Self Move more quickly, get extra hits on monsters, or even outrun most of them if necessary! Don't drink a second one if you're already "fast" :)
Restore Strength Drinking will bring your strength back to its normal (max) value, removing the effects of various poisons.
Blindness Quaffing this will make it impossible to see for hundreds of turns! Searching for secret doors and reading scrolls are out!
Thirst Quenching The name says it all.. not much different than a bottled water or your average "lite" beer!
Hallucination (V1.1+) Transports you away to a land full of fields, flowers, maidens, and unicorns! The effects wear off eventually, but the hangover... :)
Blessing (V1.3+) This holy water will cure a variety of ills when quaffed, or can be tossed at undead enemies!
Demolition (V1.1+) Dangerously unstable beverage, drinking it could be deadly! Throwing one is much more beneficial :)


Type Effects
Monster Confusion Causes your hands to glow red. When you hit a monster, it will wander around randomly for a while- giving you a chance to kill it or escape!
Magic Mapping Reading this scroll fills in your map with the details of the entire floor you're on, including locations of secret doors!
Hold Monster Any monster within two paces of you will be paralyzed and held in place. Attacking a monster breaks the spell.
Sleep Causes you to fall asleep for a number of turns
Enchant Armor Your currently worn armor will glow faintly for a moment, and it's protective rating (Armor Class) will be increased by 1. This magic will also remove any curse on the armor!
Identify Perhaps one of the most useful scrolls ever! Reading it allows you to determine exactly what an item is in your pack. Best saved for use on staves/wands and rings, but it will correctly identify any item :)
Scare Monster Reading this scroll is useless, monsters will simply laugh at you. Drop it and stand on it however, and they will be afraid to touch you!!
Protect Armor Acts in a manner similar to Enchant Armor by providing extra protection and curse removal, but also adds a rustproofing gold shield to your armor!
Teleportation Can be used for escaping a nasty situation. Reading this transports you to a random location on the map (usually in a different room, but not always out of danger)!
Enchant Weapon Your weapon will glow blue for a moment... Adds +1 randomly to either the "to-hit" or "damage-plus" for your wielded weapon. This will also remove any curse on the weapon.
Create Monster A monster will suddenly appear in a random, open square immediately near you!
Remove Curse Lifts curses on any object you're wielding or wearning including weapons, armor, and rings!
Aggravate Monsters Creates an annoying sound. Every monster on the level now knows where you are and is really PO'ed!
Blank Paper The parchment has no writing on it, and disappears when you attempt to read it
Vorpalize Weapon Supercharges your currently wielded weapon, adding +1 to hit and +1 to damage. It gives your weapon a special purpose- to slay a specific type of monster! Against that type of monster, your weapon will become even more powerful (gaining an additional +4, +4)!
Safe Passage (V1.5+) Reading a scroll of safe passage will reveal all secret doors on your current floor, and disarm/remove all the traps! An uncommon but welcome addition to any rogue's pack.

Staves & Wands

Type Effects
Light Will light up the room you are in, does not work in hallways. Usually starts with more charges than a normal wand or staff.
Striking For hitting monsters on the head! Zapping an adjacent monster will attack and always hit for 1d8 +3 damage. There is a small chance of a superior blow that does 3d8 +9 damage!
Lightning Elemental stick with the power to bring a bolt of lightning down on your enemy. Does 6d6 damage to the foe!
Fire Elemental stick with the power to engulf your enemy in flames. Does 6d6 damage to the foe!
Cold Elemental stick with the power to encase your enemy in a block of ice. Does 6d6 damage to the foe!
Polymorph Transform one monster into a different monster! Warning- monster that appears may be much worse than the one you were looking at previously :)
Magic Missile Shoot a small magical bolt at your enemies. If they do not resist magic, it will inflict 1d8 damage.
Haste Monster Causes your target to speed up, gaining an extra move and attack for each of yours! Very nasty!
Slow Monster Your target will move as though swimming through mud :) you'll get to move (or attack) twice for each move it makes.
Paralysis (V1.0+) Zapping a monster with this will cause them to be magically held in place. Attacking them breaks the spell however. Great for making an escape from a tough adversary.
Nothing This stick is a dud.
Teleport Away The enemy will be transported to another random spot on the map... not necessarily as far away as you might like though! Another good escape item.
Teleport To Zapping an enemy that is more than one space away from you will immediately transport that monster right up in your face :) Very bad item to find, especially if you learn what it is the hard way!
Cancellation Strips most magical abilities from the target enemy- breathing fire, regeneration, and more can be "cancelled".
Invisibility (V1.4+) Causes the enemy to disappear! Unfortunately, that is not as helpful as it sounds. They are still in the room with you and will attack!
Cornucopia (V1.2+) Turns your enemy into a nutritious wholesome meal! The ultimate defense against powerful foes and hunger :)
Chaos (V1.3+) This magic conduit comes straight from an insane wizard's lab. It can mimic any kind of staff or wand, but the results of zapping it are very unpredictable! Maybe something bad... Maybe something good...


Type Effects
Protection Adds to your base armor class, and provides a bonus to saving throw vs magic! For example: it means a slightly better chance that an ice or fire attack may not affect you!
Add Strength While wearing this your strength will be modified by the value of the ring. Stronger people do more damage :)
Sustain Strength Poisons from rattlesnakes, darts, and potions will not harm you.
Searching A valuable item to have, the ring of searching will help you to automatically detect secret doors and traps as you walk around.
See Invisible Phantoms will not be able to hide from you now!
Adornment Very pretty piece of bling, but useless :)
Aggravate Monster This ring is cursed. While wearing it all monsters will be very angry, chasing and attacking relentlessly.
Dexterity Increases your chances to-hit an enemy when attacking (combines with the first bonus number of your wielded weapon).
Increase Damage Adds to the damage-plus you deal to an enemy when you hit it (combines with the second bonus number of your wielded weapon).
Regeneration You will regain health/hit points very quickly while wearing a ring of regeneration. Unfortunately you will also get hungry much faster!
Slow Digestion Travel twice as far on a single ration of food, Wearning two of these means you'll probably never have to eat again.
Teleportation Frequently transports you to random locations on the current floor without warning. Cursed!
Stealth Sleeping monsters will not wake when you pass by.
Maintain Armor While wearing this ring your armor will be protected from rusting.
Kings (V1.3+) The Ring of Kings is a powerful item of unknown origin... the wearer gains experience while performing any task, even walking around!
Disarming (V1.5+) The wearer gains a greatly improved chance of disarming any trap he steps on, even if you didn't know it was there!
Narcolepsy (V1.5+) You feel very sleepy.... this cursed ring will randomly make you nod off to sleep for several turns. Very big problem if you're in the middle of a fight!

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