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A - Aquator Aquators are surprisingly tough despite their liquid consistency. Armor that is touched by one is likely to rust and fall apart.
B - Bat These winged rats are an annoyance to spelunkers and heroes alike.
C - Centaur Centaurs are a normally peaceful race and usually will not attack unless provoked.
D - Dragon Found deep in the Dungeons of Doom, they are among the most powerful foes you can face! Watch out for their flame attacks!
E - Emu These hearty flightless birds can be found scratching out a living in early levels of the dungeon. Strong beaks and legs make them moderately dangerous.
F - Flytrap (Venus) The venus flytrap likes to sit and wait for its prey to come to it. A vicious mass of thorny vines and gaping mouth make it dangerous to tangle with.
G - Griffin Part lion, part eagle, extremely dangerous. They can fly faster than you can run, and are relentless predators!
H - Hobgoblin Hobgoblins are lesser cave dwelling humanoids that are only really dangerous to low rank adventurers, but watch out if they work with others!
I - Ice Monster Ice monsters are strange elemental beasts. Watch out that you don't get frozen by their icy magic. Experience gained from the Ice Monster is valuable, but attack with caution.
J - Jabberwock Not much is known about the Jabberwock. If you see one, run! We'd like to find someone who has lived to tell us more...
K - Kestral The kestral is a member of the raptor family, and resembles an eagle. They are quick to swoop on their prey.
L - Leprechaun Hoarders of gold, they are always on the lookout to increase their stash of coins.
M - Medusa Vile snake-woman, her gaze causes confusion, panic, and sometimes death!
N - Nymph Nymphs are a peaceful lot, however they have a taste for magic items that they fuel by theft whenever possible!
O - Orc The Orc race is agressive and greedy. They like to hoard gold, and will scour the dungeons collecting all they find!
P - Phantom These spirits are virtually undetectable by non magical means, but they are still quite capable of hurting members of this plane of existence
Q - Quagga An ancient cross-breed of horse and zebra, with a foul temperment and overwhelming desire to trample things
R - Rattlesnake The rattlesnake is a difficult adversary, its venomous bite can weaken your effectiveness against all monsters.
S - Slime A gigantic single-cell organism that absorbs its meals. Be careful, as they tend to divide (or is it multiply?) when provoked!
T - Troll Trolls are large, very strong and very ugly humanoids. Their ability to regenerate when damaged makes them an incredibly dangerous foe.
U - Ur-Vile These creatures live deep in the dungeon, tough hides and huge claws make them something to be avoided.
V - Vampire Vampires are tough, but they are still vulnerable to normal weapons despite rumors to the contrary. A vampire will drain your life if he can get close enough!
W - Wraith Wraiths feed on the souls of the living! They can drain your life's experiences if you're unlucky enough to take one on.
X - Xeroc ??? The xeroc is known to disguise itself to blend in with dungeon surroundings, preferring to lie in wait for its prey.
Y - Yeti Yeti have been hunted to extinction in the mountains, the remaining tribes huddle in caves and dungeons. They prefer to avoid contact, but will fight to the death if threatened
Z - Zombie The zombie loves human flesh and brains, and will tirelessly chase you in order to eat!

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